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For thousands of years olive oil has been used for anointing as an act of faith in the Bible,* those who were sick were instructed to be anointed with oil and prayed over. That simple act of faith—anointing with oil—can be used to awaken your faith. It can act as a point of contact between you and God. Anointing is like igniting a signal flare to the heavens; a sign to God that you require special attention in a time of need.

Why is anointing oil important?

Many people feel distant from God and find it difficult to use their faith. But using something tangible such as oil, helps faith in Him to become “real” and alive. It’s about faith in God—not the oil itself. Oil helps to spark a miracle as a point of contact between you and Him.

How do I use it?

Simply place a small amount of the oil on an object, place of pain or sickness, or whatever represents difficulties or challenges in your life, and pray in faith for God’s intervention. Remember, it is your faith in God that prompts the miracle; so, believe and resist doubt.

*see James 5:14; Mark 6:13; Hebrew 1:9


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Results from people who used the oil and saw great miracles:


Meetings to receive the Anointing Oil on September 22nd:

10am – Succeed in Life Church in Ansan
3pm – Succeed in Life Church service held in the TOZ Center in Hyehwa-dong Seoul
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